Listening and Viewing for the Masses

This month’s audio clip discusses the appointment of Pope Francis. It is taken from one of the podcasts from the newspaper “The Economist”. It discusses how the Argentine pontiff represents a number of firsts but he inherits a troubled dossier. The audio pieces discuss the huge task he now faces in putting the church right.

Read the 5 questions below and listen to the audio clip and try to find the answers:

• What is the key to the success of Vatican diplomacy?
• Who are seen to be the “Cutting edge” of the church?
• What questions were raised under Pope Benedict’s reign?
• What gesture of humility was made by Pope Francis?
• What does his own ministry back home in Argentina tell us about his future Papacy?

How to check your answers:

• Share this audio clip with a friend and check them together
• Set this as a homework activity for your team
• Post your answers here and we can correct them together

Late last year, Pope Francis was applauded for initiating a process designed to collect opinions from lay Catholics across the globe. A questionnaire with almost 40 questions about family, marriage and other key topics was sent out to parishes.

• What do you feel are the most important issues that will arise from the questionnaire that the Church needs to address?
• Do you think the role of the Church has changed in your country during the last 50 years?
• Do you believe that Pope Francis is doing a good job to date?

Tell LEM… xo

Ps. This post was created by Anna L. whose mp3 English audio collection is unbeatable.


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