The Monuments Men

Today’s video clip is from a recent interview on the BBC chat show of Graham Norton with the stars of the new movie release “The Monuments Men”.

Read the 5 questions below, listen to the audio clip and try to find the answers:

  • What true story is the movie inspired by?
  • What had the Nazis stolen?
  • Who on the couch doesn’t have an agent?
  • Who do they say drinks all the time?
  • What were George Clooney and Bill Murray doing with wheelchairs in Venice?

How to check your answers:

  • Share this video clip with a friend and check them together
  • Set this as a homework activity for your team
  • Post your answers here and we can correct them together

What useful vocabulary can we learn from this video clip:

-curators: a keeper or custodian of a museum or other collection
-stiffs: People who are not moving/behaving easily or freely
-bang on: with absolute accuracy
-fess up: to confess to having done something
-a bite to eat: A small meal

p.s. This video was created by Anna, whose mp3 English audio collection is unbeatable.

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