Spring Fever

A blast from the past to make you get up from your chair and twist away with the King.


A little bird, he told me so, he said come on, get on the go
Open your eyes the sky is full of butterflies
The blossoms on the trees stir up the honey bees
Spring makes my fever right

Spring fever, Spring is here at last
Spring fever, my heart’s beating fast
Get up, get out spring is everywhere

Well if you feel the wanderlust, just grab a car or hop a bus
In every town there’s excitement to be found
So much is happening, don’t miss the joy of spring
The world’s in love just look around

Spring fever comes to everyone
Spring fever, it’s time for fun
Get up, get out spring is everywhere

Spring vocabulary can we learn from this video clip:

  • get on the go: start moving, be active
  • blossom: flower, to flourish
  • stir up: to stimulate
  • to make something right: to correct, solve, fix or cure something
  • at last: finally
  • wanderlust: a very strong or irresistible impulse to travel
  • grab: to take or grasp suddenly
  • hop: to jump, to make a quick trip

Idioms about Spring:

– to be full of the joys of spring:  to be very happy
When he got his promotion, he was full of the joys of spring.

– to be no spring chicken: not young any more
Antonio Banderas is no spring chicken, but he is still very attractive.

p.s. This post was created by Ines, who’s no spring chicken, but is full of the joys of spring now that the sun’s out.


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