“Happy” by Pharrell

What this song is about:

Happy is about (you guessed it) being happy. The singer says he is on such a high that he could float into space. He has and air about him that is carefree. He then invites us to join in with him by clapping along if we are also very happy. The song also tells us not to let anything negative interfere with our positivity. The singer is so certain of his happiness that he claims nothing can bring him down.

The music itself gives off a positive vibe which accentuates the message of the song. It is difficult not to get swept up in the cheerfulness it conveys. Everything about this song all points to one things: happiness!

Why I like this song:

I like this song because it is very simple. Its only purpose is to make people feel good and it does it very well. It makes smile, want to dance and succeeds in making me happy.  It reminds me that life doesn’t always need to be so complicated. It also reminds me of the importance of being happy and not getting caught up on the negatives.

Useful vocabulary we can learn from this post:

  • To be on a high: to be feeling very good
  • To have an air about: to display an aura
  • Bring sb down: to make someone less happy
  • Vibe: energy
  • Accentuates: amplifies
  • Get swept up in: to become involved in
  • Get caught up: to become stuck

What do you do when you are happy?

Tell LEM… xo

Ps. This post was created by Marco, an Aussie from the canals of Venice.


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