My Way

What this song is about:

This song is told from the point of view of an old man who is reflecting on his life. He speaks generally of the experiences he has had and how he has approached them; in his own way.  The message is that it is important to live your life for yourself, do what you feel is right and not live for others or by other people’s expectations.

The singer accepts that his life has not been perfect but at least it has been through his own decisions. He has been true to himself and he is sure that this is how to get the most out of life. The music is melancholic in parts which depict the reflective tone of the singer. There are also parts of the song where the music crescendos to parallel the pride in the singer’s words regarding his approach to his life.

Why I like this song:

I was having a discussion with a student recently about standing up for what you believe in and not living by other people’s standards and this song immediately came to mind. I have always loved My Way because of the strength and self-belief it preaches. In fact, I truly wish to live up to the ideals spoken about and would love to have this song play at my funeral (which hopefully is a long, long time away).

Useful vocabulary we can learn from this post:

  • Point of view: A particular attitude or way of considering a matter
  • Reflect on: To remember or think about someone or something
  • Get the most out of: To extract the maximum output of someone or something
  • Depict: To portray, represent or show
  • Crescendos: A progressive increase in intensity or loudness
  • Standing up for: To take the side or defend someone or something
  • Came to mind: [A thought or idea] to enter into your consciousness or to be remembered

LEM… xo
Ps. This post was created by Marco, an Aussie from the canals of Venice.


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