National No Make Up Day


What make up vocabulary can we learn ?

  • a blush brush is used to apply blush which makes your cheeks more intense.
  • eye shadow is used to color your eye lids
  • an eyebrow pencil is used to shape your eyebrows which are the hairs above your eyelids
  • an eyelash curler helps curl your lashes
  • an eyeliner is a pencil that is used to contour your eyes
  • lipstick is used to give color to your lips
  • liquid foundation is applied to your face to cover any imperfections
  • mascara is applied to your eye lashes to darken or lengthen them
  • powder is used to remove any shiny areas on your face.

Can you answer these questions ?

  • When did you start applying make up?
  • Who taught you how to apply eyeliner?
  • Have you ever used an eyelash curler?
  • Have you got a favorite lipstick shade?
  • What is your favorite make up brand?
  • Describe a person you know that wears too much make up?


p.s. Crissy wrote this post and she often does not wear make up.


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