Top Language : I’d flip you for it

Top Language

Here is a scene from Covert Affairs. Annie Walker is a CIA agent that works for the DPD (Domestic Protection Division). Auggie Anderson is her blind tech operative that guides her through her missions. Here is a scene in an airport. I came across some interesting language.


What expressions can we learn?

A) I’d flip you for it. 

Annie is talking about the seats in the airplane. She uses this expressions to indicate that she would flip a coin to get the seat. In English, we say:‘Heads or Tails?“. Heads refers to the famous people on one side of a coin. Tails refers to the animal that historically was found on the other side of the coin.

Example: Who wants the last piece of cake? Let’s flip for it!

B) Pulling us back gives the signal that she won’t just roll over.

Pulling back the reins is how we slow a horse down. When you pull someone back, you slow them down or stop them form moving forward.  To roll over is connected to a dog rolling over when it dies. The full expression is To Roll Over and Play Dead. It means to just give up and not be able to cope with life or a problem. In this scene they are speaking about their boss who was in a challenging position at the time.

Example:  Why can’t I tell her what I think? Do I really have to roll over and play dead?

Example: We kicked off the project with a bang. it is time to pull back a little and readjust.




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