Sugar Sammy learns not to mess with Italians


Sugar Sammy is a really funny Canadian actor and comedian based in Montreal. He speaks English, French Punjabi and Hindi. Here is a short segment from his show that deals with Italians

What top expressions can we learn from this comedy act?

  • Your single? it’s alright. Don’t be ashamed. ( a feeling of disgrace and embarrassment )
  • We’ll work it out. (we will find a solution)
  • Who are all of these people trying to get rid of you? (dispose of you, eliminate)
  • How long have you been single? Too long. That didn’t sound desperate at all! (not in any way)
  • Are you hanging out with her? (spend time with a certain person)
  • He had to point out…that’s the wife and that’s the friend. (to specify)
  • Dont start shit! (don’t create a problem)
  • Let’s keep this on the chill. (relaxed)
  • Say again? (repeat)
  • Your Italian? Is that a threat or what? (a menace)








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