Change the World – Eric Clapton



What this song is about?

This song is about the agony of unrequited love – is there anything more painful in the world? The artist, Eric Clapton, pours out his emotions describing everything he would like to do if he could “change the world” so that this woman would love him in return.

This song’s meaning is reinforced by Clapton’s descriptions of impossible actions such as pulling a star down from the sky and being “king for a day.” These acts which he will never be able to perform parallel the fact that he will never be loved by this woman and will forever be trapped “wishing for the day” that he can change the world and be loved in return.


Why doI like this song?

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Maybe it was just as a teenager or later as an adult but everyone has a person that wasn’t into them… and the pain was excruciating. I think this song sums up that feeling perfectly. The melancholic combination of the guitar melody and the singer’s voice produce a hint of fleeting hope which will end in inevitable anguish. The thought of the pain isn’t why I like the song, strictly speaking. I like it because this song is really about love and hope even against the odds.


What expressions can we learn?

Agony/anguish: Extreme pain

Excruciating: Unbearable or extreme – usually used as an adjective for a lot of pain

Unrequited: Not returned

Pour out one’s emotions: to openly express deep sentiments or feelings

We’ve all been there: a way to say that people have experienced a similar event or emotion

To (not) be into someone: to have romantic feelings towards another person

Fleeting: temporary or brief

Strictly speaking: in actual fact

Against the odds: contrary to probability


Click here for the lyrics to Change the World by Eric Clapton.



p.s. this post was written by Marco…as sweet as gold!

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