Tips For Flying With A Baby

1. Book during nap time. Some children do better in morning flights than evening flights
2. If you are travelling with a partner, pick an aisle seat and a window seat. It’s not likely that someone will seat in the middle.
3. If you are alone with the baby, choose an aisle seat.
4. Avoid the last rows (near the toilets, it gets crowded and stinky).
5. Bring a proof or age for the baby.
6. Take a light weight stroller, even if it just serves as your personal baggage handler.
7. Get your toddler their own bag.
8. Use a sling or a portable car seat that you can gate check, if you have a baby.
9. You can check in 1 sippy cup.
10. Carry your own packaged milk (some terminals don’t sell it and airlines don’t give you much). Even if it means that the person carrying them will have to be patted down.
11. Be the last to board the plane if your seats have been assigned. If possible, send your partner in ahead with the hand luggage.
12. Don’t over pack, but always pack extra clothes.
13. Bring disposable bags that seal in the smell.
14. There is usually a changing table you can fold down. If not, put down the toilet seat and change the baby on your lap.
15. Don’t use the bathroom water to rinse your cup. Bring an extra clean one.
16. Pack a healthy, fun snack, avoiding anything sugary and messy.
17. Pack new small toys, not so messy.
18. Check the technology ( get toddler headphones, etc)
19. Have your kid suck during take off and landing.
20. The week before flying, make sure you avoid being with kids who are sick.
21. Always look like you are trying your best to avoid bothering the other passengers and they will probably forgive you for any discomfort.
22. Carry earplugs and little gifts in case you need to pacify the other passengers.

Have a great flight… and tell LEM!!

This post was found and transcribed for you by Ines, who’s survived the experience.


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