Some Differences Between Job and Work

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  1. the word Work’can be both a verb and a noun (uncountable), whereas job is only a noun (countable). Examples:
  • I have a great deal of work to do in the next days.
  • Joe has two jobs, one as a teacher and one as a waiter in a restaurant.
  1. The verb to ‘work’ means “to make physical or mental effort directed towards doing or making something”. It has a very general meaning and can refer to all kinds of activities a person performs, also activities you don’t get paid for. For example, you can do work in the house (repairing, cleaning, cooking) or do work for a charity organization or the church, as part of the responsibility you feel towards others. For example:
  • Daniel works for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (It does not tell you what he does, just something about the location/employer)
  • Mary does great work for the church. (she is probably not paid for it, it is not her job)
  • He is working hard on his cv. (he’s preparing his resume)
  • I work for EASI (if you want to know what I do, you should ask me about my job)

Whereas Job is any activity performed in exchange for a compensation. In general, we can say that job is the name for what you do to earn money.

  1. Job has a more specific meaning. It refers to a specific type of occupation, employment, role or position, such as doctor, teacher, cook or consultant.
  2. Work as a verb can also mean ‘function’. Example:
  • Can I use your phone, mine isn’t working
  • How does this work ?


  1. Expressions with work / Job
  • Keep up the good work !! (continue creating excellent results)
  • To throw a monkey wrench in the works. ( cause problems)
  • Time works wonders. (the passing of time can resolve many problems).
  • Work against the clock. (work very fast, because you have limited time to finish something)
  • Work wonders. (cause improvements or have a good effect).
  • To be on the job (doing what you are expected to)
  • To walk off the job (abandon something abruptly or to go on strike)
  • An inside job (crime committed by someone working /living at the scene of the crime)
  • Come to the job with something (to bring a particular quality to a task or job)


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