I Tuoi Figli Parlano Inglese?


When I speak to Italian parents, they often express a deep frustration with their kid’s conversation skills. We all know that Italian school focuses on grammar a lot. Most kids know English grammar better than my family back home in Canada. Unfortunately, if you place them before someone who asks them to chat, they may freeze up and not say a word.

Why is that? How can we get them talking & interacting so they can learn a language in a natural way? Not only study grammar and memorize vocabulary lists but understand speech, feel relaxed when faced with figurative speech and master fluency before they reach university.

Here is our solution for Young Learners in Italy.

They need to use the language in conversation. Enjoy the way in which they learn. Speak it as much as possible.

That’s the secret…Confidence in Communication…EASI can help!


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