8 Ways to Say ‘You’re Welcome’

you got it

With all the requests we face everyday, there must be just as many ‘thanks’ after you’ve done what they’ve asked for. In response to the thanks, we normally reply ‘you’re welcome’.

In Context:

Bruno: Can I have a glass of water?

Marida: Of course.

Bruno: Thanks, I was parched.

Marida: Your welcome!

‘Your welcome in this case is almost second nature. It is connected to good manners.

At times, the situation require a different reply because you want to express that you were happy to help and that no thanks was necessary.

  1. Anytime
  2. I was happy to help.
  3. No worries
  4. Sure
  5. Not a problem
  6. You got it
  7. Don’t mention it
  8. My pleasure

In Context:

Bruno: Thanks so much for speaking to the boss about my problem. He gave me a second chance.

Marida: Anytime. You deserve it.

When you choose one of the alternative expressions, it makes the recipient feel like he does not owe you anything, You did it without expecting anything in return.

Being in touch with the nuances of a language can help you step it up.


p.s. posted by Crissy who is still enjoying the moments of summer.



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