Lady Diana…Random Acts of Kindness

Lady Diana tragically passed away on this day in 1997 so I thought we could get inspired by one of her quotes today.


Here is a list of random acts of kindness anyone can do in hopes that someone else pays it forward:

1. Buy a coffee for someone who is standing behind you at a coffee shop. Help a stranger.

2. Give a care-pack to a homeless person. Be generous.

3. Drink more water. Be kind to yourself.

4. Give the benefit of the doubt. Trust someone.

5. Compliment an employee on a survey. Give positive feedback.

6. Say good morning to 3 strangers on your way to work. Be friendly.

7. Let another driver into your lane. Be courteous.

8. Complain less. Let it go.

These are just eight. I am sure you can think of many more.

On an English note,

The 8 expressions in bold above might be worth learning.

The expression in italics often causes correctness issues for learners. You trust SOMEONE and not trust in someone.

In context,

Karim: Are you sure she wants to go out with me?

Geraldine: Trust me! I spoke to her last week and she asked whether you were single or not.

Pay it forward by sharing this post.

With one daily random act of kindness, we can get just a little happier every day & the world would be a better place.


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