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Back to school, back to work & back to studying English too!

September is always a very exciting time for our network English as Spoken International & our blog Learning English Matters.

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Here is a little reminder of what can happen when you are not as confident as you should be.



Can what is popular be more important?


Prince Ea is a rapper and activist.

He founded a movement called The ‘Make Smart’ Cool Movement.

It promotes education, intelligence, unity and creativity.

The messages clear.

Human Beings: Change Starts From Within.

Simple, right?

What is the language focus for this post?

  • listen to the lyrics a few times
  • write down the key message in point form
  • pick  3 expressions you think are useful and use them this week
  • share this message with someone who is open to listen

princce ea




The Franklin Electric: This Is How I Let You Down


I picked this song to explore the phrase verb ‘let down’. I totally love the Franklin Electric. They are a folk-pop band based in Montreal which is my home town.

First off, when a person’s decision disappoints others, we use the very Let Down.

She said she would come to the movies with me but she didn’t. She let me down. (i.e. She disappointed me)
As you can see , we separate the verb and particle by an object pronoun.

This verb can also be used as a noun.

I loved her so much. She left me from one day to the next. What a let down. (i.e. What a disappointment)

Let’s look at some conversation practice questions. Discuss these with a friend.

  • Who has never let you down?
  • When did you let someone down at work?
  • If your best friend let you down, how would you handle it?


p.s. written by Crissy who misses Montreal today.