Business English Conversation Lessons


Back to school, back to work & back to studying English too!

September is always a very exciting time for our network English as Spoken International & our blog Learning English Matters.

On the EASI front, we have opened the fall semester & you can get a free English Assessment that includes a free 15-minute session with one of our expert advisors. You can discuss your needs, frustrations and goals. We will then send you a full report on your English with an action plan.

Book Your Session Now!

If you are already an EASI client, here is what you can learn with the new Micro Paths:

Discover Your Personal Brand

Your strengths, Your Leadership Style and How you do what you do. (3 Skype Sessions)

Figuratively Speaking

Step up your learning with Idioms, Phrasal Verbs and anything that is figurative in conversation. (6 Skype Sessions)

Field Focus

Engage in English using Case Studies linked to your Function (HR, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance, External Environment & Strategy). (6 Skype Sessions)

Book Your Micro Path Today!

On the LEM front, you can follow the blog by joining the mailing list. An update will be sent directly to your inbox. Learning a little English every day, goes a long way. Join Now!

Here is a little reminder of what can happen when you are not as confident as you should be.



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