Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe


Here are a list of questions related to this Ted Talk:

Do you choose to look after the people to the right of you and to the left
of you?

Do you work in place where you trust the people around you?

Do you feel safe within your organization?

Do you work for a leader you can trust?

Do you get coaching and mentoring support if you have a performance issue?

Do you feel like you would sacrifice for your organization?


Practice answering those questions with a conversation partner or with one of our on-line trainers. 
Simon Sinek will be at the WOBI Milan this year. Will you be there?



Can what is popular be more important?


Prince Ea is a rapper and activist.

He founded a movement called The ‘Make Smart’ Cool Movement.

It promotes education, intelligence, unity and creativity.

The messages clear.

Human Beings: Change Starts From Within.

Simple, right?

What is the language focus for this post?

  • listen to the lyrics a few times
  • write down the key message in point form
  • pick  3 expressions you think are useful and use them this week
  • share this message with someone who is open to listen

princce ea




The Franklin Electric: This Is How I Let You Down


I picked this song to explore the phrase verb ‘let down’. I totally love the Franklin Electric. They are a folk-pop band based in Montreal which is my home town.

First off, when a person’s decision disappoints others, we use the very Let Down.

She said she would come to the movies with me but she didn’t. She let me down. (i.e. She disappointed me)
As you can see , we separate the verb and particle by an object pronoun.

This verb can also be used as a noun.

I loved her so much. She left me from one day to the next. What a let down. (i.e. What a disappointment)

Let’s look at some conversation practice questions. Discuss these with a friend.

  • Who has never let you down?
  • When did you let someone down at work?
  • If your best friend let you down, how would you handle it?


p.s. written by Crissy who misses Montreal today.

I Tuoi Figli Parlano Inglese?


When I speak to Italian parents, they often express a deep frustration with their kid’s conversation skills. We all know that Italian school focuses on grammar a lot. Most kids know English grammar better than my family back home in Canada. Unfortunately, if you place them before someone who asks them to chat, they may freeze up and not say a word.

Why is that? How can we get them talking & interacting so they can learn a language in a natural way? Not only study grammar and memorize vocabulary lists but understand speech, feel relaxed when faced with figurative speech and master fluency before they reach university.

Here is our solution for Young Learners in Italy.

They need to use the language in conversation. Enjoy the way in which they learn. Speak it as much as possible.

That’s the secret…Confidence in Communication…EASI can help!

Put Your Lips Together and Blow

Lauren Bacall was an american star of the silver screen. She was known for her husky voice and sexy eyes. She was born in the Bronx and worked as an actress and model.

This clip is entitled Whistle on Youtube. Her co-star is very sexy, don’t you think?

What can we learn from this clip?

  • Change your mind (to modify your opinion or decision)
  • Whistle (to put your lips together and blow to make a sound)
  • You know how to whistle, don’t you Steve? (Tag question form used to mean’Right?’)

What is a tag question?

  1. a tag question turns an affirmative  form into a question form.
  2. it is used to find agreement or disagreement on a topic.
  3. tag question are made with a contracted auxiliary and a subject pronoun.
  4. If the main clause is positive , the tag is negative & vice versa
  5. If the main clause has an auxiliary, then you keep using that in the tag inverting to positive or negative whatever the case may be.
  6. one exception is related to  ‘I am’ which becomes ‘Aren’t I’

What are some examples in context?

  • I am beautiful, aren’t I?
  • He has been to the USA, hasn’t he?
  • We ate too much on vacation, didn’t we?
  • They won’t be coming to the party, will they?
  • You would tell her, wouldn’t you?



p.s. this post was created by Crissy who wanted to say so long to Lauren Bacall who passed away on August 12th 2014.

Mork Calling Orson

This post is dedicated to Robin Williams.

What expressions can we learn from this Mork & Mindy clip?

  • Talk about your bad connections here! (used informally and ironically to emphasize a statement.
  • Pull yourself together. (figurative expression when people have to regain composure)
  • You are feeling like you are being ripped off. (phrasal verb that indicates cheating or deception)
  • Money talks! (figurative expression indicating that money gives power and influence to get what you want in life)

So long Robin Williams…we thank you  for all the laughs, tears and moments of genius you gave us.


p.s. this post was created by Crissy who felt she had to pay homage to one of the most versatile actors of our time.

Jamie Oliver’s Simple Mojito Recipe


Are you ready to get into the summer vaycay (i.e. vacation) mode with Jamie-s mojito video? It is so simple that I am sure you will never choose store-bought again… You will love it. One thing, use brown sugar if you can!

What are the ingredients?

  • 1 lime, cut in quarters
  • 7-8 mint leaves
  • 1 dessert spoon of sugar
  • 15ml of white rum
  • a splash of soda water
  • Crushed ice

What expressions can we learn from the video?

  • Roll it to loosen the oils. (to emanate)
  • Slice the lime. (to cut with a sharp knife)
  • Spank your mint. (figurative, to hit with your hand )
  • Squash the leaves. (to press into a flatter state)
  • Garnish with some mint leaves. (to put something on food as a decoration)



p.s. this post was inspired by the lazy days of summer…

Change the World – Eric Clapton



What this song is about?

This song is about the agony of unrequited love – is there anything more painful in the world? The artist, Eric Clapton, pours out his emotions describing everything he would like to do if he could “change the world” so that this woman would love him in return.

This song’s meaning is reinforced by Clapton’s descriptions of impossible actions such as pulling a star down from the sky and being “king for a day.” These acts which he will never be able to perform parallel the fact that he will never be loved by this woman and will forever be trapped “wishing for the day” that he can change the world and be loved in return.


Why doI like this song?

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Maybe it was just as a teenager or later as an adult but everyone has a person that wasn’t into them… and the pain was excruciating. I think this song sums up that feeling perfectly. The melancholic combination of the guitar melody and the singer’s voice produce a hint of fleeting hope which will end in inevitable anguish. The thought of the pain isn’t why I like the song, strictly speaking. I like it because this song is really about love and hope even against the odds.


What expressions can we learn?

Agony/anguish: Extreme pain

Excruciating: Unbearable or extreme – usually used as an adjective for a lot of pain

Unrequited: Not returned

Pour out one’s emotions: to openly express deep sentiments or feelings

We’ve all been there: a way to say that people have experienced a similar event or emotion

To (not) be into someone: to have romantic feelings towards another person

Fleeting: temporary or brief

Strictly speaking: in actual fact

Against the odds: contrary to probability


Click here for the lyrics to Change the World by Eric Clapton.



p.s. this post was written by Marco…as sweet as gold!

Fun!Fun!Fun! by The Beach Boys


What expressions can we learn?

  • Blasting: using full power; as loudly as possible
  • Cruising: to drive or ride around
  • T-bird: Ford Thunderbird automobile
  • Can’t stand: to be unable to tolerate someone or something
  • Ace: a playing card (A), a person who is very skilled at something
  • Get wise:   understand, usually after some initial difficulty
  • All through: finished
  • To know something all along: to know from the start
  • To lead someone on a wild goose chase:  to send someone on a pointless or futile search (with no hope to obtain a result)




p.s. Ines, we wonder what kind of car you like  most?


Kokomo by The Beach Boys



What vocabulary can we learn from this song?

  • Get away: escape, leave a situation or your normal routine
  • Key: A low offshore island or reef, especially in the Gulf of Mexico; a cay.
  • Put out to sea: leave land and go on a voyage.
  • Defy: oppose, resist or refuse to obey, to be unaffected by something
  • Delight: great pleasure
  • Take it slow: relax, go slowly and carefully
  • Catch a glimpse: see something for a brief time



Lem…xo! This one was created by Ines the groovy gal from the west coast!