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Here is a little reminder of what can happen when you are not as confident as you should be.


Put Your Lips Together and Blow

Lauren Bacall was an american star of the silver screen. She was known for her husky voice and sexy eyes. She was born in the Bronx and worked as an actress and model.

This clip is entitled Whistle on Youtube. Her co-star is very sexy, don’t you think?

What can we learn from this clip?

  • Change your mind (to modify your opinion or decision)
  • Whistle (to put your lips together and blow to make a sound)
  • You know how to whistle, don’t you Steve? (Tag question form used to mean’Right?’)

What is a tag question?

  1. a tag question turns an affirmative  form into a question form.
  2. it is used to find agreement or disagreement on a topic.
  3. tag question are made with a contracted auxiliary and a subject pronoun.
  4. If the main clause is positive , the tag is negative & vice versa
  5. If the main clause has an auxiliary, then you keep using that in the tag inverting to positive or negative whatever the case may be.
  6. one exception is related to  ‘I am’ which becomes ‘Aren’t I’

What are some examples in context?

  • I am beautiful, aren’t I?
  • He has been to the USA, hasn’t he?
  • We ate too much on vacation, didn’t we?
  • They won’t be coming to the party, will they?
  • You would tell her, wouldn’t you?



p.s. this post was created by Crissy who wanted to say so long to Lauren Bacall who passed away on August 12th 2014.

Shakira VS Pitbull – Best World Cup 2014 Song


Although the official 2014 World Cup song is “We Are One (Ole Ola)” by Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez and Claudia Leitte, Shakira has stepped in, reworking one of her recent singles to create “La La La”, some say thankfully.

The first is more about watching, the second, more about playing- The first features partying and samba dancers, the second features famous players, wild animals and children.


Which one do you prefer? Tell LEM!


We Are One – By Pitbull

Put your flags up in the sky (put them in the sky)

And wave them side to side (side to side)

Show the world where you’re from (show them where you’re from) Show the world we are one (one love, life)

Ole ole ole ola Ole ole ole ola Ole ole ole ola

When the moment gets tough You’ve got keep going One love, one life, one world One fight, whole world, one night, one place Brazil, everybody put your flags in the sky and do what you feel

It’s your world, my world, our world today And we invite the whole world, whole world to play It’s your world, my world, our world today And we invite the whole world, whole world to play

Es mi mundo, tu mundo, el mundo de nosotros Invitamos a todo el mundo a jugar con nosotros

One night, watch the world unite Two sides, one fight And a million eyes Fool hard, it’s gonna work so hard Shoot for the stars, fists rise up towards the sky Tonight, watch the world unite World unite, world unite, world unite For the fight, fight, fight One night, watch the world unite Two sides, one fight And a million eyes Hey, hey, hey Força, força, come on sing with me Hey, hey, hey Ole, ole, come shout it out with me Hey, hey, hey Come on now (x2)


É meu, é seu Hoje é tudo nosso Quando eu chamo o mundo inteiro para jogar  é para mostrar que eu posso Torcer, chorar, sorrir, gritar Não importa o resultado vamos extravasar


(It’s mine is yours Today is all ours When I call the whole world to play it’s to show that I can Cheer, cry, smile, scream No matter the outcome, we will overflow)



“La La La” by Shakira


Essa bola vai rolar Tudo é tapete verde Quando a bola chega la Coração fica na rede, na rede, na rede Olá [2x] (This ball will roll In a duel of green carpet When the ball gets there The heart is in the net, in the net, in the net)


La la la la [10x] I dare you Feel how the planet’s Become one Beats like a drum To the same rhythm Hear the whistle Kick the ball The entire world Soars like an eagle In Rio we play Like we dance Only today There’s no tomorrow Leave all behind In this place There’s no space For fear or sorrow Is it true that you want it? Then act like you mean it With everyone watching It’s truth or dare, can you feel it? La la la la la I dare you You have arrived It’s the place No more doubts The time is coming Feel how the planet’s Become one Like a drum Destiny’s calling German, Colombians Spanish and French Off the bench You gotta own it Down here we play Like we dance It’s Brazil And now you know it.




Keep Off Other People’s Bikes

A Priest was about to finish his tour of duty, and was leaving his Mission in the jungle where he has spent years teaching the natives when he realizes that the one thing he never taught them was how to speak English. …
So he takes the chief for a walk in the forest.
He points to a tree and says to the chief, “This is a tree.”

The chief looks at the tree and grunts, “Tree.”

The Priest is pleased with the response.
They walk a little further and he points to a rock and says, “This is a rock.”

Hearing this, the chief looks and grunts, “Rock.”

The Priest was really getting enthusiastic about the results when he
Hears a rustling in the bushes. As they peek over the top, he sees a couple of natives in the midst of heavy sexual activity.

The Priest is really flustered and quickly responds, “Man riding a bike.”

The chief looks at the couple briefly, pulls out his blowgun and kills them both…

The Priest goes ballistic and yells at the chief that he has spent years
Teaching the tribe how to be civilized and be kind to each other, so how
Could he kill these people in cold blood that way?

The chief replied,
“My bike.”

ENJOY YOUR DAY and remember to keep off the roads when riding somebody else’s bicycle

What can we learn from this story?
1. to grunt : a short low sound made from the throat. Jerry grunted as he picked up the heavy box.
2. to rustle : to make a soft sound because parts of something are rubbing together. The leaves were rustling in the wind.
3. bushes : a plant that has stems of wood but that is small than a tree. Gianna hid behind the bushes.
4. to go ballistic : to become very angry. My dad went ballistic when he saw that his car got damaged.
5. in cold blood : following a plan, deliberately. The terrorists killed the civilians in cold blood.
6. to peek : to look at someone secretly especially from a hidden place. I peeked to see what the kids were doing in their room.


Maya Angelou Quote


Just found out Ms Angelou passed away.

She was a very special person.


Summer Time Idioms…A Place In The Sun




My Way

What this song is about:

This song is told from the point of view of an old man who is reflecting on his life. He speaks generally of the experiences he has had and how he has approached them; in his own way.  The message is that it is important to live your life for yourself, do what you feel is right and not live for others or by other people’s expectations.

The singer accepts that his life has not been perfect but at least it has been through his own decisions. He has been true to himself and he is sure that this is how to get the most out of life. The music is melancholic in parts which depict the reflective tone of the singer. There are also parts of the song where the music crescendos to parallel the pride in the singer’s words regarding his approach to his life.

Why I like this song:

I was having a discussion with a student recently about standing up for what you believe in and not living by other people’s standards and this song immediately came to mind. I have always loved My Way because of the strength and self-belief it preaches. In fact, I truly wish to live up to the ideals spoken about and would love to have this song play at my funeral (which hopefully is a long, long time away).

Useful vocabulary we can learn from this post:

  • Point of view: A particular attitude or way of considering a matter
  • Reflect on: To remember or think about someone or something
  • Get the most out of: To extract the maximum output of someone or something
  • Depict: To portray, represent or show
  • Crescendos: A progressive increase in intensity or loudness
  • Standing up for: To take the side or defend someone or something
  • Came to mind: [A thought or idea] to enter into your consciousness or to be remembered

LEM… xo
Ps. This post was created by Marco, an Aussie from the canals of Venice.

“Happy” by Pharrell

What this song is about:

Happy is about (you guessed it) being happy. The singer says he is on such a high that he could float into space. He has and air about him that is carefree. He then invites us to join in with him by clapping along if we are also very happy. The song also tells us not to let anything negative interfere with our positivity. The singer is so certain of his happiness that he claims nothing can bring him down.

The music itself gives off a positive vibe which accentuates the message of the song. It is difficult not to get swept up in the cheerfulness it conveys. Everything about this song all points to one things: happiness!

Why I like this song:

I like this song because it is very simple. Its only purpose is to make people feel good and it does it very well. It makes smile, want to dance and succeeds in making me happy.  It reminds me that life doesn’t always need to be so complicated. It also reminds me of the importance of being happy and not getting caught up on the negatives.

Useful vocabulary we can learn from this post:

  • To be on a high: to be feeling very good
  • To have an air about: to display an aura
  • Bring sb down: to make someone less happy
  • Vibe: energy
  • Accentuates: amplifies
  • Get swept up in: to become involved in
  • Get caught up: to become stuck

What do you do when you are happy?

Tell LEM… xo

Ps. This post was created by Marco, an Aussie from the canals of Venice.