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Do you need to get out of your English comfort zone?

p.s. this post and doodle animation was created by Crissy Faita, our resident language coach.

Learning from our mistakes…The same as


A recurring mistake that I thought could be useful to correct.

the more you talk , the more your English will rock!




Thanks vs Tanks

I read many learner emails & I sometimes come across ‘Tanks!’ as a sign off.

I often wonder whether it is a genuine typo (i.e. oops…I typed it wrong) or a true blue spelling mistake (i.e. omg…is thank you written with a ‘H’?)

This video should help if the latter is the case!

Typos can be avoided by using your spell check.

Happy Day to You!

p.s. This video was created by Crissy…a passionate EASI Networker.

Do you know why we can’t say ‘I speak very well English’?

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