Video Watch: An All-Nighter?


House of Lies is one of my favorite shows. It’s witty , funny and the cast is great.

I was watching this clip and found two expressions that are worth mentioning:

  1. to pull an all-nighter
  2. to narrow down

Let’s set it up before you watch the clip.

They are trying to find a person and one of the guys stayed up all night (i.e. without sleeping) to search for this person. He said “ I pulled an all-nighter” . So when you stay up all night to do something such as study, work, write or even party, you pull an all-nighter!

The same guy then says that while he was up all night, he narrowed down the list of jobs the mystery man in question could have had. To narrow down means to make smaller in amount or range. In this case, he started with a large number of possible jobs and he now has just a few. Narrow can also be an adjective that is the opposite of wide.

Watch it a few times…beeps are there because of cussing on their part.





Video Watch: House of Lies-Season 2; Episode 8- A Spring Board


This is a special request from a friend of mine who loves House of lies. It’s got some strong language so please watch out.

Marty was assaulted by the police when he was out for an evening jog. His brother, who is a young activist, wants to exploit this episode to shed some light on the racial issues in L.A.

I enjoy Marty as much as I loved Ari Gold from Entourage. Simply special!

Here is the dialogue:

Malcolm: Marty, I want you to meet Dan, heather & Byron. This is him y’all.

Marty: Am I suppose to jump up and say ‘surprise’ or something?

Malcolm: That’s my brother Marty.

Marty: Roscoe, go finish your project.

Roscoe: Fine

Heather: What happened to you is a ….outrage!

Malcolm: Bro, you will not believe the phone call I had while you were gone. This reporter from the….

Marty: Stop right there.

Malcolm: No, no, no…Hear me out. Hear me out. Come on! Have a seat. You wanna drink? Ok! No drink so…We are not talking about a blurb in a crime blog…This reporter thinks your story can be a springboard.

Marty: A springboard for what?

Malcolm: A large examination of race right here in Los Angeles.

Dan: A series of articles possibly front page.

Byron: The reporter has been nominated for a Pulitzer.

Marty: A Pulitzer…wow!

Malcolm: mhmm and he’s eager to sit down with you Marty…doesn’t have to be today or tomorrow.

Heather: but there is a time sensitivity to it.

Malcolm: it’s sensitive.

Marty: ok umh…Dan, Heather & Brian.

Byron: It’s Byron.

Marty: oh sorry! Dan, Heather and Byron…Get the fuck out of my apartment! I need for you to stop occupying  my couch right now.  Yo…sorry bro. Sorry that ruined your “ My brother got his ass kicked party” but you gotta go. Kick rocks! Move!  No, No, No…you leave the cheese and cracker . I am not fucking around.

Malcolm: Really?

Marty: really…you gotta go get baby girl.

Malcolm: heather baby…hold up!


  • You will not believe….(i.e. I have to tell you something surprising)
  • Hear me out! (i.e. listen to me)
  • It can be a springboard. (i.e. something that helps launch a career or activity)
  • He is eager to…(i.e. he is keen or interested)
  • I am not fucking around. (i.e. I am not joking.)
  • You gotta go.(i.e. you have to go)
  • Hold up! (i.e. Wait for me)

Fluency Builder:

  1. Do you follow House of Lies?
  2. What other TV series do you like?