Ask Task: IPad By My Side

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We asked Heather to talk to us about her beloved IPad. It’s a device she uses often. She shares her favorite apps in this interview & also compares her Ipad to her computer. She’s got a great voice…very Lady Diane!

Play the interview and try to listen for the expressions below:

Vocabulary Boost:

    • I guess: I imagine
    • Round about: approximately
    • I wonder how I ever managed: I ask myself how I ever survived/coped
    • The hassle: the trouble
    • To fish out: to pick
    • To be honest: to tell the truth
English: iPad with on display keyboard

English: iPad with on display keyboard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Listening Quiz:

1. How many hours does she use her device per day?

2. Can you describe dropbox?

3. Can she use her computer and Ipad interchangeably?

View the transcript: Ask Task- Ipad By My Side

Fluency Practice: Discuss what you’ve heard with your teacher and classmates

  1. Do you own a tablet? Can you live without it?
  2. Do you change devices as soon as new versions come out?
  3. Are kids in your life tech savvy? is that good or bad in your opinion?
  4. Does your company provide tablets for employees?

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English Phraseology: Giving Instructions-A2

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Here are a few phrases you can use to give instructions. When we give instructions, we usually list the actions that need to be done. The following expressions can be used to list an agenda for a presentation, to assign tasks, to give a recipe, to present guidelines & also to give steps for technical assistance.

  • First off,…
  • Second,…
  • After that,…
  • Next,…
  • Then,…
  • Finally,…

When giving instructions, we often add extra information just to make sure the person performing the task has all the necessary details.

  • Don’t forget to…
  • Make sure you…
  • Remember to…
  • Be careful about…

Fluency Practice:

Listen to the podcast and repeat after the speaker. Concentrate on articulating at first. Then, listen for the natural pauses in the sentence and repeat.


Classroom Tip:

Use these sentences in role-plays with your classmates or your teacher. Set the scene, plan a short dialogue & use the expressions in context. Here are a few ideas to inspire you. Give our your favorite recipe. Explain how to change a tire. Describe your family tree. Present the agenda to a presentation you’ve recently made.

This Bookless School is Cool!

Watch this video about a school in Bolton that has given an iPad to  all the students and teachers.

The video has English captions just in case you need extra support.


I think it’s great that:

  • learners get immediate feedback on tests
  • teachers are contactable at any time for support
  • school bags are lighter

What about you? What do you think about bookless schools?