Reason for Reading: Post-Layoff Survival Guilt

English: Think positive

English: Think positive (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here I go again! I am letting my current work enviornment direct my blog inspirations.   In the past few weeks, I have been hearing a lot about layoffs, solidarity pacts and staff morale being low in many companies across Italy. This made me read up on layoffs and the environment that surrounds them.

I have chosen an article that I think can be useful for those who remain in the companies that are undergoing a restructuring due to redundancies. We instinctively speak about the people who are let go but rarely about the ones that stay.

I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for everyone concerned. My thoughts and positive vibes are with you. Here is the article called Dealing with Post-Layoff Survival Guilt .

Positive attitudes are key to getting through any difficult period,right?   My co-worker, AP, is the best and reminding me of this!

Vocabulary Boost:

  • to lay off: to stop employing (someone) because there is not enough work
  • to be let go: to stop working because there is not enough work
  • to get fired: to be dismissed from a job
  • you wonder why: you ask yourself
  • a sibling: a brother or sister
  • severance package: money or other benefits given when employment is terminated
  • akin: alike
  • to hang: to remain in the air
  • a dip in Productivity: a decline in the work one produces
  • the sour taste…in your mouth: an angry feeling that remains
  • Survivial of the Fittest: natural selection or the theory that those who are eliminated are the unfit.
  • to be a bit somber: to be a little sad and serious
  • to get rid of: to do something so that you no longer have or are affected or bothered by it
  • to be bogged down with: to be overwhelmed, the feeling when you ahve to many things to do
  • are bound to : inevitably
  • to foster: to help, grow or develop





English Phraseology: An Italian Easter

English: Lindt Golden Bunny (Barcelona), 6 de ...

With Easter being just around the corner, I planned this blog post in honor of this joyous spring feast. I remember wearing my crochet white knee-high socks, floral-printed dress and shiny ballerinas on Easter Sunday. No matter how cold it was in Montreal that spring, this was my outfit.

Reason for Reading:
I found a very interesting article on EASTER in Italy. I thought it would be cool for Italians to learn how to explain their traditions in English & non-Italians could discover what Easter in Italy was like. Here is the article: Pasqua: Easter Lunch In Italy

Flower Lingo:
Here are my top 5 favorite Traditional Easter Flowers. Click on the link and see what they look like. This activity can easily inspire your Easter bouquet.

Easter Idioms:

  • Lorenzo didn’t want to pick on Harry but his friends egged him on. (i.e. to encourage or dare someone to do something that may be unwise or dangerous.)
  • The investor regretted putting all his eggs in one basket. (i.e. Do not risk everything by placing too many hopes on one thing)
  • My boss is really nervous in this period. When we work together, I feel like I’m walking on egg shells.(i.e. to do something cautiously, try hard not to upset someone)
  • Jane didn’t come home last night. Her dad stayed up waiting for her. He’s hopping mad. (i.e. to be really angry)
  • Jerry’s parents started saving up for his college tuition long ago. This nest egg is waiting for him.(i.e. an amount of money that is saved over a usually long period of time to pay for something in the future)
  • I hopped on the bandwagon this spring and switched to a smart phone. (i.e. To become involved in an activity that has gained popularity recently)

Easter Tongue Twisters: Listen and Repeat

Each Easter, Eddie eats eighty eggs.

Baby bunnies bounced bright balls beyond Bunnyland borders

Fluency Builder: Discuss the following questions with your friends or teacher.

  1. What do you like most about Easter?
  2. Have you planned anything special for this Easter?
  3. Do you observe lent? Do you fast on Good Friday?
  4. Have you ever taken part in an Egg Hunt?
  5. What’s your favorite Easter dish?
  6. Do you prefer chocolate bunnies, hard-boiled eggs  or jelly beans?

Hope this special Easter post got you ready to speak about this festivity.

Happy Easter everyone!