Ask Task: Describing Ruzzle-B1

ask task
Crissy describes the new app Ruzzle. She explains the rules and speaks about
how addictive it is!

Play the interview and try to listen for the following expressions:

  • ranking: a position in a group
  • spectacular: fantastic
  • Scrabble: Word game
  • rounds: stages in a game
  • lapse: a period of time between events
  • forbidden: not permitted
  • summing up: totaling
  • judging: giving your opinion
  • labeled : named
  • addictive: compulsive
  • high-spirited: energetic
  • ties right in: links well with
  • peaked my curiosity: stimulated my interest



Listening Quiz:

  1. How many letters are in the grid?
  2. Is it a good tool for vocabulary enhancement?

View the TranscriptRuzzle

Fluency Practice: Summarize what you’ve heard to your teacher or classmates.

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What’s your Take on Lance Armstrong & Doping?


The long-awaited television interview with Lance Armstrong, former star
of the cycling world, aired last night, and for the first time the American cyclist, winner of seven Tour de France titles, admitted to Oprah Winfrey that he used doping substances.

The Texan cyclist, 41 explained that taking performance enhancing drugs was just part of his job. Who could win the Tour seven times in a row (1999-2005) without dope? His cocktail was EPO transfusions and testosterone but he also made use of growth hormones at times.

How much pressure do they undergo? As a parent, I’m troubled by the sporting world and I wonder how safe it is for my boys to be so involved in organized team sports.

He says he’ll be spending the rest of his life trying to regain everyone’s trust.

Are athletes really the ones we should be wary of?

What’s your take on this topic?

Listen for the vocabulary in this podcast:



Vocabulary Boost:

  • long-awaited: expected
  • former: previous
  • aired: broadcast on TV
  • undergo: experience
  • I’m troubled by: I’m disturbed
  • I wonder:  I am interested in knowing
  • wary of: not have complete trust


Italian-American becomes world’s oldest woman – ANSA English –

Italian-American becomes world’s oldest woman – ANSA English –

she got remarried at 110 years old…now that’s positive news!


Key words: to retire = to stop working due to age, a widow = a woman whose husband has died