Phrase Challenge: Odd One Out

Odd one out

Odd one out (Photo credit: Nina Matthews Photography)


This is a game I play with my learners to help them expand their vocabulary base.

Can you find the sentence that doesn’t belong? Try to explain why it’s the odd one out.

  • He backed me up at the meting.
  • My best friend ratted me out.
  • I can’t believe he stabbed me in    the back.
  • He’s been double crossed one too many times.


p.s. Use your thesaurus or Merriam-Webster Learner’s  Dictionary if you need a hand!


English Phraseology: Winter Bites

learn english1

It snowed heavily in my town yesterday. As I was shoveling, I started thinking about a few the vocabulary words associated to snow & winter. Here is what I came up with.

Compound Words:

  • Snowfall:  snow that falls in a particular place
  • Snow Storm:  heavy snowfall with strong winds also know as blizzard
  • Snowplow : a vehicle that pushes snow to the side of the road
  • Snowball fight: what kids love to do when it snows…throwing snowballs at each other

Vocabulary Boost:

  • The snow should start melting today. It’s sunny. (i.e. it will transform into water and disappear. We can also use the verb to thaw which is a synonym)
  • The roads are treacherous. (i.e. it’s dangerous to drive on them because of ice and snow)
  • Did the snow settle in your area? (i.e. Did it stay on the ground?)
  • We were snowed in last night. (i.e. we couldn’t leave home because of the snow)

Idioms in Context:

  • I’m snowed under at work. I can’t leave before 9pm every night this week. (i.e. I’ve got an excessive amount of work to do)
  • The managing director’s dismissal has had a snowball effect. There have been 20 resignations ever since. (i.e. it’s created a trend…more and more people are leaving)

English: A snowball fight at the Dupont Circle...

Fluency Builder: Discuss the following questions in class or with a friend to practice speaking a little English today.

  1. Do you like the cold or do you feel more in your element when it’s hot?
  2. Have you made a snowman this year?
  3. Do you ski? If so, can you describe your favorite skiing spot?
  4. Have you ever been snowed in due to a blizzard? How did you manage?

Can you think of any other useful expressions related to snow, winter and cold weather? We look forward to your posts!

This was inspired by the 3 hours of winter fun I had with my kids yesterday!



FIll the gap with the appropriate preposition:

The new models will be coming ______ any day now. Would you care to reserve one?