Ask Task: Describing Ruzzle-B1

ask task
Crissy describes the new app Ruzzle. She explains the rules and speaks about
how addictive it is!

Play the interview and try to listen for the following expressions:

  • ranking: a position in a group
  • spectacular: fantastic
  • Scrabble: Word game
  • rounds: stages in a game
  • lapse: a period of time between events
  • forbidden: not permitted
  • summing up: totaling
  • judging: giving your opinion
  • labeled : named
  • addictive: compulsive
  • high-spirited: energetic
  • ties right in: links well with
  • peaked my curiosity: stimulated my interest



Listening Quiz:

  1. How many letters are in the grid?
  2. Is it a good tool for vocabulary enhancement?

View the TranscriptRuzzle

Fluency Practice: Summarize what you’ve heard to your teacher or classmates.

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