What’s Your Take On Lazaro Arbos?



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At the auditions of the 12th season of American Idol, one of the personalities that burst onto the scene was a 21 year old Cuban named Lazaro Arbos.

Arbos, told his heart-warming story in his video presentation. He moved to Florida with his family as a child where he struggled with a severe stuttering problem. He shares his story while holding back tears. His mom seems happy he has found a haven within his passion for singing because he has never had many friends due to his speech difficulties.

He left the judges of American Idol out of breath when he belted out an ‘a cappella’ rendition of  “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” with no imperfections.

Keith Urban said he should just sing all the time and Randy Jackson commented that it was amazing to see no traces of stammering when he sang. The judges gave unanimous approval for Arbos to pass to the next round in Hollywood.

I was moved by his courage & pleased to see him get his yellow sheet of paper that passes him to the next level. I don’t know if he’ll get far or not but it must have been a wonderful feeling of accomplishment for him & his family.

Here’s my question. Do you think he passed because he was really top-notch or were the judges touched by the whole story?

Vocabulary Boost: Listen again and try to find the following expressions

  • audition: a short performance to show your talents to someone
  • burst onto the scene: suddenly appear
  • heart-warming: emotional
  • struggled with: had difficulty with
  • stuttering: having a speech problem that causes you to repeat the beginning of words
  • haven: a place where you feel protected
  • out of breath: surprised and excited
  • belted out: to sing in a loud and forceful voice
  • a cappella: without instrumental music
  • no traces: no evidence
  • was moved: caused emotion
  • accomplished: succeeded
  • top-notch: of the best quality


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Fluency Builder:

Summarize the story to your teacher and give your opinion on this matter in class.

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