In the same boat vs On the same page

A group of people riding a wooden boat off a b...

A group of people riding a wooden boat off a beach in Venezuela. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)









Last week, I was in a lesson  with a learner  who was telling me he really enjoyed working with his new boss because they seemed to be “on the same boat”.

He was referring to the fact that they both have similar views and  a similar approach when it comes to their  business, so  what he really meant was that they were on the same page.

What do they mean?

  • On the same page > agreeing about something (such as how something should be done)
  • In the same boat > in the same unpleasant or difficult situation

 How do we use them in context?

  1. The project manager called a meeting to make sure everyone involved was on the same page (i.e. thinking in a similar way).
  2. Katherine said : “I think we should boost sales through a new marketing  campaign.” John replied: “I’m glad to see we’re on the same page” (we agree).
  3. If the company closes, we’ll all lose our jobs, so we all have to make an effort, from top management to junior staff members, because we are all in the same boat.
  4. Jack is always complaining that he doesn’t have enough money, but we’re all in the same boat.

Can we use other expressions that mean the same?

On the same wavelength‘ can be used instead of ‘On the same page’.

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Video Watch: Water Campaign

Great video with subtitles…good reading practice and great for the soul.

The little kid talking his shower made me smile. How about you?


Video Watch: Only the Young


I have always loved low-budget motion-pictures (i.e. movies) and this one is amazing.

The trailer is 2 minutes long . I selected a few expressions that could be interesting when speaking about people, relationships & love.

She is attractive.

  • attractive means pleasing or appealing to the senses.
  • the opposite of attractive is unattractive, ugly, repulsive
  • you can use it for people and things

I guess opposites attract

  • ‘I guess’ is used when you are not sure. It is like saying that you suppose or think something is like that
  • Opposites attract’ is a proverb that explains the phenomenon of dissimilar people having a liking or attraction for one another.

I have a crush on her.

  • ‘ To have a crush on someone’ means you like that person. You usually feel uneasy and try to get attention around that person. Sometimes, it’s hard to stop thinking about them.
  • Crush is a verb that means that you press on something so hard that is breaks or loses its’ shape. I guess that in the definition above, we are talking about a person’s heart.
  • In Italian, we’d say’ avere una cotta per’

I could have added so many more sentencess. I choose to limit the expressions that I post because learning deeply is the best way to remember things. If I post 10 expressions, you may not remember any. If I post three, I hope you read this post over again 3 times and remember all three expressions forever.

Watch the video…pick a line you like and repeat it. Don’t think about grammar. You need to articulate to communicate!

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Top Language: Let’s grab a bite!

Top Language

We are talking about the word ‘GRAB’ today.

I used it this morning when I was talking about having a coffee with a friend. I said: ‘ I am grabbing a coffee with Sonia this morning.’


  • To take hurriedly or quickly
  • To capture someone’s attention

As usual, I try to focus on the most important definitions. These two seem to be the most useful for learners.

In Context:

  • Let me grab my coat before we go.
  • I will grab a coffee on my way to work.
  • The speaker grabbed our attention.


‘Up for grabs’ is an expression that means available for someone to take or win.

  • That position is up for grabs.
  • A big chocolate Bunny is up for grabs!

Pronunciation Pill:

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Video Watch: Naive by The Kooks

May 8, 2007 - Columbus, OH - The Kooks, a Brit...

May 8, 2007 – Columbus, OH – The Kooks, a British Indie Rock band perform several songs in the CD101 studios for a small crowd while on their U.S. tour. Photo is of guitarist and lead vocalist, Luke Pritchard. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who are the Kooks?

The Kooks are a British Indie Rock band from Brighton. Their music makes me think of bands like Sam Roberts, Snow Patrol and Arctic Monkeys. The underground feel to music is something I’ve always liked and they definitely have that going on. I want to thank one of my learners, LC, for having made me discovered this song. We were speaking about being naïve in class and he remembered this tune.

The Video Link


Naïve (song lyrics)

I’m not saying it’s your fault
Although you could have done more
Oh you’re so naive yet so
How could this be done
By such a smiling sweetheart.
Oh and your sweet and pretty face
In such an ugly world
Something so beautiful.
Oh that every time I look inside

I know, she knows that i’m not fond of asking
True or false, it may be… Well, she’s still out to get me.
And I know, she knows that i’m not fond of asking
True or false, it may be… She’s still out to get me!

I may say it was your fault
Because i know you could have done more
Oh you’re so naive yet so
How could this be done
By such a smiling sweetheart.
Ohh and your sweet and pretty face
In such an ugly world
Something so beautiful.
That every time I look inside

I know, she knows that i’m not fond of asking
True or false, it may be… Well, she’s still out to get me.
And I know, she knows that i’m not fond of asking
True or false, it may be… She’s still out to get me!

So how could this be done
By such a smiling sweetheart
You’re so naive yet so
You’re such an ugly thing
For someone so beautiful
That every time you’re on his side

I know, she knows that i’m not fond of asking
True or false, it may be… Well, she’s still out to get me.
And I know, she knows that i’m not fond of asking
True or false, it may be… She’s still out to get me!

Just don’t let me down
Just don’t let me down
Hold on to your kite


Cover of "Naive Pt.1"

Cover of Naive Pt.1

My Interpretation

His girlfriend seems to be an alcoholic. Alcohol affects her so much that it makes her do things that she shouldn’t like cheating on him. She keeps looking for him in the video but she is so drunk that she sleeps with someone else.
He says” I know she knows that I’m not fond of asking”. This means that they both know she has a drinking problem, and they both know that he doesn’t want to drive her away by asking her to stop.

Sad song!


  • I am not saying it’s  your fault. (i.e. it is out of your control. You are not to blame)
  • You are so naïve.  (i.e. you are innocent, you don’t realize what alcohol does to you)
  • I am not fond of  asking (i.e. I don’t like asking)
  • She is still out to get me (i.e. she keeps looking for me. She wants me)
  • You could have done more (i.e. unreal situation in the past that seems like a reprimand)
  • Sweetheart (i.e. dear,  he has strong feelings for her)
  • Just don’t let me down  (i.e. don’t disappoint me)
  • Hold on to your kite  (i.e. don’t let go of me and our love)



  • She is so naïve.
  • I am so angry.
  • We are so hungry.


Fluency Boost

  1. What do you think of  the song?
  2. Do you think his girlfriend is to blame?
  3. What are you fond of?
  4. Can you tell us about a person that has let you down?
  5. Are you holding on to a kite that you should let go?





Video Watch: An All-Nighter?


House of Lies is one of my favorite shows. It’s witty , funny and the cast is great.

I was watching this clip and found two expressions that are worth mentioning:

  1. to pull an all-nighter
  2. to narrow down

Let’s set it up before you watch the clip.

They are trying to find a person and one of the guys stayed up all night (i.e. without sleeping) to search for this person. He said “ I pulled an all-nighter” . So when you stay up all night to do something such as study, work, write or even party, you pull an all-nighter!

The same guy then says that while he was up all night, he narrowed down the list of jobs the mystery man in question could have had. To narrow down means to make smaller in amount or range. In this case, he started with a large number of possible jobs and he now has just a few. Narrow can also be an adjective that is the opposite of wide.

Watch it a few times…beeps are there because of cussing on their part.




Video Watch: Settle Down!


Here is a video clip from Homeland. Carrie has been admitted to a psyche-ward because of her Bipolarity. Saul can’t understand her because she is not making any sense. She wants to get back to work but she isn’t ready to leave the hospital. Let’s look at some of the expressions they use in this clip. They might come in handy (i.e be useful) if ever you are faced with a person that seems disorientated or too excited about something.

Key Lines:

  • I don’t need to settle down. (i.e. I don’t need to calm down)
  • You are not yourself. (i.e. you are acting differently )
  • I can’t follow you. (i.e. I don’t understand your train of thoughts)
  • Your thoughts are running together. (i.e. your ideas are confused)
Homeland - Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre - Marc...

Homeland – Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre – March 21, 2012 (Photo credit: starbright31)


What’s your take on the meaning of life?


Can this kid be real? He is 9 years old. He philosophizes on the meaning of life, the universe & our destiny like a big person. Zia Hassan, a multimedia artist, interviewed this little boy to get his take on the meaning of life. I could not have answered half of the questions because my consequential approach to life would have stopped me from answering spontaneously. Great post by Stombo & his team.

Galaxies are so large that stars can be consid...

Galaxies are so large that stars can be considered particles next to them (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fluency Builder:Language is quite simple so here are the questions that you could try to answer with your friends or a teacher.

  • Describe yourself in relation to the universe?
  • Are there life forms on other planets?
  • Are there multiple universes?
  • What is the meaning of our lives?
  • Are the events in life pre-destined?
  • What kind of space do sports and music have in your life?


Somebody by Depeche Mode


As a teen, DPM was one of my favorite bands but Somebody was not my favorite song. Over the years, I guess I got older and wiser. It has become one of my all-time favorite pieces of music. The message it conveys is what every human being longs for and tries so very hard to find over the course of a life time. Enjoy the song and I hope you can listen to it with your beloved by your side.


I want somebody to share
Share the rest of my life
Share my innermost thoughts
Know my intimate details
Someone who’ll stand by my side
And give me support
And in return
She’ll get my support
She will listen to me
When I want to speak
About the world we live in
And life in general
Though my views may be wrong
They may even be perverted
She’ll hear me out
And won’t easily be converted
To my way of thinking
In fact she’ll often disagree
But at the end of it all
She will understand me
And I….

I want somebody who cares
For me passionately
With every thought
With every breath
Someone who’ll help me see things
In a different light
All the things I detest
I will almost like
I don’t want to be tied
To anyone’s strings
I’m carefully trying to steer clear of
Those things
But when I’m asleep
I want somebody
Who will put their arms around me
And kiss me tenderly
Though things like this
Make me sick
In a case like this
I’ll get away with it
And in a place like this
I’ll get away with it
And I….

Vocabulary Boost:

  • Innermost: the deepest part of something
  • To hear someone out: to listen to someone
  • In a different light: with a different perspective
  • To detest: to hate
  • To be tied to strings: to be committed
  • To steer clear: to avoid
  • Tenderly: delicate and sweet
  • To get away with it: to avoid blame, punishment or criticism for something

Fluency Builder: Discuss the following questions with your teacher or a friend.

  1. Who is your confidant?
  2. Can you describe the world we live in?
  3. Has a situation ever converted your way of thinking?
  4. Who understands you the most?
  5. What do you detest most in the world?
  6. Do you remember your first kiss?

p.s. this one goes out to the cover sung so long ago by I.A.N.!

Reason 4 Reading: Shaq on Business Decisions

Shaq was a keynote speaker at the SXSW. Before his speech, he taped an interview on Revolution with Brian Solis. Challenging video for the learners out there. Did you know he had a Doctorate Degree? Good guy!

Here is the article on : Shaquille O’Neil on What Inspires His Business Decisions

Vocabulary Boost: here are some of the expressions from the article

  • highlight: to make people notice something or someone
  • to shoot: to film
  • a geek: a person who is awkward and unpopular but usually intelligent
  • to bypass: to go around, to detour
  • retirement: period when one stops working normally due to age
Español: Shaquille O'Neal realizando un tiro l...

Español: Shaquille O’Neal realizando un tiro libre. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fluency Builder: Discuss the following questions with your teacher or a chat buddy.

  1. Read about Shaq and then tell your teacher about him.
  2. Do you consider yourself  tech-savvy?
  3. Who do you think is a great sport role model for kids?